Hatred is defined as “a violent feeling that makes you want to hurt someone and rejoice in the evil that happens to them”.

This feeling is often expressed towards someone who is more important or who reminds us of something important. Indeed, the more the subject resonates with us, the more this subject touches us and reaches us. Hatred is a strong, even extreme feeling sometimes associated with its opposite, love which is also a very strong emotion.

Hate has a negative impact on both parties, the hateful person and the person who is experiencing the hate.

The hateful person experiences and gives a lot of energy when they experience this feeling. A negative energy that will take up a lot of space in his mind and in his actions in life. This feeling is a vicious cycle. The more the person remains focused on this hate, the more difficult it is to let go of it. And unfortunately, this energy and this time does not allow this person while waiting to learn, to be fulfilled, to think of something else …

The person experiencing the hate, will receive a strong negative message and like any negative message especially when it is malicious is not good to receive. These messages can have an impact on people. Each person is different and reacts differently to this kind of thing, depending on their ability to deal with violence, their sensitivity, their history … It can have several consequences such as questioning the person, discomfort, violence, or no reaction.

Hatred is a strong feeling that makes people overreact. It is therefore important to know how to take a step back and learn to control your feelings.


By Louise D