Learn to control your feelings that have a negative impact on us

Feelings characterize and guide us. There are a large number of feelings, which can have positive or negative impacts, more or less strong depending on their intensity. It is therefore important not to be controlled but to try to understand them, analyze them in order to live in harmony with them. The main emotions we experience are sadness, anger, fear and joy. Each has a function:

Fear: Reporting a danger or threat

Anger: Mobilizing our energy to change what is not right for us

Sadness: Accepting what cannot be changed

Joy: Sharing with others



The feelings one can experience are a mixture of these emotions. That’s why it’s important to identify them. Indeed, each emotion has an impact on our body and on organs. An impact that can make us feel a certain sensation in our body, more or less pleasant. This state of ill-being will play on the feelings that we will feel. At this point, it is important to identify what the feeling we are feeling.

Then, you have to try to understand it, by taking a step back, by asking yourself a few questions: “What got me in this state? “,” What is the trigger? “,” Why does this impact me? “. By answering these questions, the person will focus less on this strong emotion and then take a step back and put it into perspective. The answers to these questions also allow the person to be aware of these emotions in order to externalize them and not to bury them in themselves. In order to regain a state of well-being, each person must find the solution, the method that will do him or her good, while always remaining in a spirit of benevolence towards oneself and others.

In order to live with their feelings, and avoid the negative impact for themselves and for others, everyone can develop and find their personal fulfillment activities. Here are some examples : -Talk: with the person concerned (if there is), with a relative, or an average person

  • Physical activity: walking, running, yoga, any sport -Relationship activity: meditation, breathing exercises
  • Leisure: drawing, music, knitting,
  • Writing

Emotions are human, feelings allow us to live so put it to good use.


By Louise D