The problem tackled by this project is the lack of information about mental health in general and about depression, in particular, in the sense of transforming depression and self-aggression into desirable behaviors among adolescents and preadolescents belonging to student groups. (school and high school students)

This is urgent, due to the fact that more and more (pre) adolescents self-evaluate as “depressed” and choose to do self harm or even suicidal attempts, in order to attract attention on the significant others, thus solving their problem of being accepted and integrated into their group.

Purpose of the project: to build an awareness campaign about the real implications of mental health problems on preadolescents and adolescents and to stimulate the coping skills to address healthy social behaviors, including encouraging responsible and critical social media consumption.

BeneficiariesPreadolescents and adolescents aged 11-18, belonging to groups of students in school and high school. Indirectly, their families are affected being overwhelmed of such crisis situations of their children, of decreases the school performances, and even school drop.

The profile of the volunteer: 


  • EU citizen, aged 18-30;
  • Willing / able to spend 8 months in Constanta city, Romania;
  • Open minded and willing to learn something new every day, especially in the multicultural environment;
  • Basic level of digital skills is required (working with documents, editing visual materials etc);
  • Good level at English is required.


  • Special interest of the project’s topic (mental health) – experience in this field is a plus. Experience means: the candidate has suffered from depression or other mental illnesses in the past; the candidate has someone in the family struggling with a mental health issue; the candidate had worked in a mental health field;
  • Experience working with non-formal education is a plus, but is not mandatory;
  • Artistic skills (painting, dancing, acting etc) is a plus, but is not mandatory.

The selection questionnaire to be filled pre-interview, HERE

Please send you questions or your application to