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HATE   Hatred is defined as “a violent feeling that makes you want to hurt someone and rejoice in the evil that happens to them”. This feeling is often expressed towards someone who is more important or who reminds us of something important. Indeed, the more the subject resonates with us, the more this subject…

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  CRITICISM What is it?   —>The act of giving your opinion or judgment about the good or bad qualities of something or someone.   Criticizing is a common habit we all have; we all criticize and are criticized most of the time.   Criticism causes conflicts: On the part of the person who does…

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  THE EMPATHY   What is it?   The empathy is the ability to understand the emotional life of another person, almost in all its complexity. This does not necessarily mean sharing the same opinions as the other person has. It doesn’t even mean agreeing to what the other person is expressing.   Empathy refers…

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