Short description of the project:

Time: 01/06/2018 – 30/09/2019 – 4 months long

Place: Constanta, Romania – a big city near the Black Sea Coast

The project will include 2 volunteers. We are looking for 1 volunteer from UE/SEE countries.

The beneficiaries will be 10-18 years old students from 2 public schools and high-schools from Constanta- city and county.


Within the project, a small school garden / bed / insect hotel will be created together with pupils and talked about environmental awareness. The volunteer is heavily involved in the planning and construction, but at the same time has the task of including the students as well. Regular maintenance of the system is also part of the project. The pupils should be instructed on their own responsibility, e.g. to take over the watering during the week. During a weekly meeting observations of the plants / animals can be exchanged and the volunteer can give information about environmental relevant topics.

Another responsibility that we have within a community is to treat each other respectfully. To interact in our everyday lives we communicate in different ways. Communication and language have a great power and can also be very injured. It follows a great responsibility to use them meaningfully and not to harm anyone. Part of the work should be to thematize non-violent communication. The comic book project led by the volunteer aims to give students a chance to creatively express their own experiences. The volunteer gives guidance in brainstorming and help with the artistic implementation.

How to apply:

Download this form: esc-questionnaire-2019

Fill it out and send it ASAP to


The project is granted by European Solidarity Corps in Romania.