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Creativity 4 Sociability: a Volunteering Experience near Black Sea Coast

Creativity 4 Sociability is the 3rd project of hosting 4 European volunteers in Constanta, Romania, by Association for Promoting Creative&Eco Education and Innovative Abilities CREATIVE+ Short description of the project: Place: Constanta, Romania – a big city near the Black Sea Coast Objectives: Increase awareness of the bullying phenomenon in the real and space, among…

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What have I learned in Romania

My name is Mariam Akobia, I am from Georgia and I did a long European Voluntary Service in Constanta, a big city in Romania. The name of my project was: “Human skills for human life” and it started on 1 December 2017 and finished on 1 July 2018, so I had this experience during seven…

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by JUAN ANAYA RODRÍGUEZ, ERASMUS + VOLUNTEER IN CONSTANTA (ROMANIA) At the beginning of my adventure I could not believe it that I was going to take the step to live in a very different country. I had many doubts about what I was going to see there, for me it was my first experience living outside of Spain,…

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