From Cluj Napoca to Constanta and back

We arrived here around 8 in the morning, after 15 hours of traveling by train and still had some hours until our meeting. So we headed to the beach!! We were pretty tired and the weather was hot so you can imagine how refreshing it was to finally swim in the Black Sea!

But the goal of our trip is to get to know other organizations, and interview them about their projects, aims, motivations and experiences.  We had our first meeting with the organization Creative+ at 11 am. They were so kind and open, and their work is absolutely amazing!! They are working on teaching children how to play outside, with each other. 🙂 This may seem strange and funny at first, but this is so important to show alternatives to computer games and other electro-gadgets to children..! Their office is a huge playground with lots of fun games!

Read here more details with pictures:

Video Trip Day 1: Constanta