On 24th of October 2017, the  dissemination event for “Rural but Crucial” youth exchange took place at the Decebal Theoretical High School. The youth exchange was held in Armenia in June 2017, where the Association for the Promotion of Creative-Ecological Education and Innovative Abilities was represented by a number of 4 young people and 1 group leader, one of the participants being a high school student. He hosted the event and spoke to his colleagues about what this first participation meant for him. He highlighted the benefits for youngsters of such projects :

  • he has learned a lot of information about entrepreneurship and he intends to use them in the near future;
  • he has become an active young man within the organization that coordinated the project, and he is currently the initiator of a project idea that will be developed and proposed for funding in 2018;
  • he has improved its multicultural outlook on other European Union countries and about former Soviet Union countries.
    Personal examples are the most powerful tool to show even the most skeptic teenagers that in Romania they can learn in an interactive and non-formal way, and the opportunities offered by the European Union through the Erasmus + program are worth exploring.