On 18th of October, our team coordinated by Cristina Brebeanu and supported by our two EVS volunteers: Meri and Anna presented the newest project at Decebal High School, Constanta, to the pupils of the 10th grade.The children were really happy to speak with the volunteers, having the occasion to discover the life of the common people from Armenia and Austria.

The people were amazed to hear that such a club is going to be opened soon, and they were the first ones who had the occasion to join in.Two hours were not enough to answer all the questions and make enough photos.We discovered 10 youngsters who wanted to participate and practice the art of debate in English language.

We gladly invite you to be with us at the grand opening and to throw us a like on the Facebook page. See you soon!


I did not know that in Constanta is going to be a debate club.I liked the subject a lot. I think speaking in public is one of my strong points but I have never had the occasion to practice it regularly.  – Pupil in the 10th grade



I liked it a lot, the children were very nice and ready to involve. I think this was one of our best school activities. We should do this every week! – Anna – EVS volunteer


They were really interested about the subject. I did not expect them to be so enthusiastic about a subject they had never heard about before .If only in one class we have not 10, but 5 people who regularly come, we will need more places and a bigger space. – Andrei Bului – local volunteer